How to Fill Out Playlist through the Music Listening Center

If you've hired a DJ, filling out the music playlist will be an important part of helping to inform your DJ of your music preferences. Here's how to create your playlist through your Bellagala Account

Step One: Login to your Bellagala Account

  • Head to and log-in
  • Check your initial booking email from for log-in information
  • Or email us at and we will be able to assist

Step Two: Click 'Music Listening Center' on the left side bar

The image below shows where the profile is located within your Account Manager.

Step Three: Add songs to your playlists

There are five different sub-playlists within the Music Listening Center to help organize your playlist

  1. Ceremony (If you've contracted your Bellagala DJ for the ceremony)
  2. Social
  3. Dinner
  4. Dance
  5. Do Not Playlist

The image below shows an example of Bellagala's most requested songs. Click the + to add a song to one of the five playlists. 

Step Four: Search for songs

The image below shows the location of the search bar within the Music Listening Center. Search for artists and songs through this search bar. Be sure your spelling is correct! The search bar will not recognize misspelled words. Once you click on the song/artist you'd like, add the song(s) to your playlist by clicking the + button under the sub-playlist you want.

Step Five: Listen to samples of songs

Click on any of the songs to listen to a sample! After all, it is the Music Listening Center! :)


Step Six: Submit Your Playlist

Submit your playlist to Bellagala when you are ready. You may continue to make adjustments to your playlist after you've submitted it. Your playlist is due three weeks before your event date.