Where can we have our engagement session?

Engagement sessions must be limited to one location of your choice.

Your photographer is a great resource for location ideas (from parks to city locations with great views), but places with personal meanings are a great place to start! Parks you visit often on dates, the campus where you met, the place you went on your first date, or your home, are all cute options to add more meaning than just a fun backdrop. Chat with your photographer about your ideas and they can help you decide on a great location.

Locations more than 40 miles away will incur a travel fee that will be paid out to your photographer. Your photographer may direct you to contact clientservices@bellagala.com if it appears your location may require a travel fee.

Some locations can require a photography permit or entrance fee (such as a National/State Park, zoo, or other private location). These locations are allowed but you are responsible for obtaining the permit or paying the fees for your photographer. Please research in advance prior to your session and talk to your photographer. 

Fees can also be added to your account in advance for the photographer to be reimbursed. Please contact clientservices@bellagala.com if you have questions or need to pre-pay an entrance or permit fee. 

Your photographer is not responsible for handling photography permits or entrance fees for the location of your choice, however some photographers may have seasonal photography passes. Your photographer can also help give recommendations of alternate locations should you want to avoid any additional costs.