What should we wear to our engagement session?

Your photographer can help answer this question in more detail, but keeping the following in mind is a great place to start:

  • Wear something that fits well and is comfortable. If you are constantly tugging at your clothes or feel awkward, more than likely you will look awkward! 
  • Avoid text on clothing. Eyes look at writing first when shown images. You’ll want to see your faces first, so avoid writing or font on your clothing to keep the focus on you.
  • Coordinate colors instead of matching. Build a neutral color base for your clothing and have a themed color that ties your outfits together. For example, Partner 1 could wear a black dress with blue shoes. Partner 2 could wear gray slacks, a white shirt, and a blue tie. Have fun with it! Incorporate your wedding colors, stick with all neutrals, or go full color for both! 
  • Wear a formal and a casual look.  Build in some variety with a dressy outfit, and then something you wear from day-to-day. This will help you look back on this time of your life and see yourselves how you look more naturally and less gussied up. The more casual outfit can give you more options for posing as it’ more likely you can sit on the ground, or get a piggy-back ride! 

Keep in mind your location might not have facilities to change in (you may have to do an outfit change in your car) and that wardrobe swaps contribute towards your photography time. Fast-change outfits that you can slip on or off of other clothes is best!

  • Dress for the weather. If you live in a cold climate and are planning your engagement session in January, chances are it will be cold! Please dress appropriately. Wear thermals under your clothes and have hand-warmers & gloves ready in coat pockets for between poses. Try to incorporate cute outer-wear into your session so you don’t have to keep your coat off for all your photos. If you feel miserable, you will probably look miserable! 

If you are planning your session in hot months, try to schedule your session for 

early morning or sunset to avoid the heat of the day. Pack waters to drink during the session, and having a towel or two to remove sweat is wise! Wearing an undershirt, or packing an additional shirt is not a bad idea either if sweat stains are a concern.