How much should we tip our artist(s)?

Average tips are 10-20% of the un-discounted service price

We strongly recommend leaving a gratuity for your artist after the event is concluded. 

Many times, artists are tipped later into the evening and the couple is busy with their guests and don't always get the chance to see the artists before they leave. It is a good idea to appoint an attendant, parent, or event planner to distribute tips at the end of the night. The easiest way is to have each tip in a sealed envelope with the artist name & service name for easy distribution. 


Service Standard Amount  When to tip?


$50-$200 At the end of the reception or when their time is up


$50-$200 At the end of the reception or when their time is up


$50-$150 After the florist finishes reception set up or drops off personal flowers wedding party

Disc Jockey 

$50-$200 At the end of the reception

Live Music

$15-$20 per musician If the musicians are only for a specific portion of the event, they should be tipped right after that portion of the event. 

Photo Booth 

$25-$50 At the end of the reception

Event Planning 

10-20% Up to $500 After the reception or right after the honeymoon