How many songs should I include on my song list?

Through Bellagala's Music Listening Center, you are able to create a song list through each element of the event

It is entirely up to you how many songs you'd like to include on your song list! 

Some couples will fill out a complete song list with 40+ songs in the cocktail/dinner section and 60+ songs in the dance section. Other couples fill out no song list at all and choose to utilize the DJ's experience and expertise to select the music. In most cases, the amount of songs the couple chooses to fill out is somewhere between having a complete list and no list.

Our suggestion, if you're unsure on how to proceed, is to include about 10-20 songs in each section. This will give the DJ a good indication on what type of music you're interested in hearing, as well as give the DJ the freedom to play music they feel will work best based on their own experience.  

However, if you'd prefer to not fill out a song list at all, you do not need to! This means the DJ will use their own experience to select all the music. You can still indicate any preference about the music while you communicate with your DJ.

An important question within the Disc Jockey profile has to do with how much the DJ should stick to your song list. If you'd prefer the DJ to stick entirely to your song list, please indicate you'd like the DJ to stick to 85-100% of the music you have preselected. In most cases, couples will choose '50-60%' of the music they have preselected, but it is entirely up to you! 

Please reach out to our DJ Manager, Mike Hongslo at with any additional questions regarding filling out a song list!