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How does the end of the night clean-up work?

At the end of my event, who takes care of things?

For the end of the night, the party does have to end at (the latest) 12AM (midnight). Valet will stay open and operating until anyone who needs their car / keys can get them (usually about 12:30AM). From 12AM - 12:30AM (and some of this can certainly be done earlier in the night to alleviate the end of the evening) there is a buffer time to collect everything and give people a chance to get organized. 
- Wedding party can get all personal items from the suites
- Bride & groom can get all personal items from the suites
- Vendors can tear down / clean up (DJ, florist, ect) 

Anything that D'Amico Catering or Bavaria Downs provides for you will be cleaned up and taken care of by us. Anything that is brought in by you (or your group) including cards/gifts, floral, and decor, does need to go home with someone (whether that be a hired vendor or family / friends who are helping). Many groups do have a designated person / group to help at the end! 

By 1AM, our goal is to close down the venue and have everyone leaving (including our staff)