What do I do if I need to postpone my event?

If you need to postpone, you have up to one calendar year to inform us of your new date (this date does NOT have to be in the next 12 months). Your deposits and payments will be transferred over to the new date, but your payment due dates will still be associated with your original date. 

To postpone your event, follow the next few steps and we will process this for you!


Step One: Notify Bellagala that you are postponing your event

  • Send an email to clientservices@bellagala.com with your postponement statement. Your postponement statement should include both names on the account, the original event date, and if you have a new event date or not. 
    • It is okay if you do not have a new event date! You have up to 12 months from your original event date to select a new event date. 
  • Once the Client Service team receives this email, they will do the following;
    • Email you an Account Update, which serves as a written amendment to your current contract.
    • Send out an account update to your artists with the postponement and your new date (if applicable). If your artists are not available for your new date, we will send you a list of the available artists for you to choose from. 
    • Send you a postponement contract to sign
  • Please note the following fees for postponing your event:
    • More than 90 days from the Event, the Clients shall be responsible to pay a 10% administration fee of the total contracted amount.
      If the Services are postponed by the Client 90 to 31 days from the Event, the Clients shall be responsible to pay a 20% administration fee of the total contracted amount.
    • In the case that the Client cancels their event within 30 days of the contracted event date, the Client is responsible to pay the full contracted amount.

Step Two: Sign your postponement contract 

  • Your postponement contract will be sent through PandaDoc. If you do not see it, please check your junk folder and email clientservices@bellagala.com with any questions. 
  • Your postponement contract states that your event date will no longer be the original date stated in the original contact.

Step Three: Continuing planning and select a new date if you haven't yet!

  • If you already notified us of a new date, continue planning! We'll be in contact with important information throughout the process.
  • When you have chosen a new date, send clientservices@bellagala.com an email with your updated date as soon as possible. They will update your account and rebook your artists, or send you a list of available artists to choose from if they are no longer available. The sooner you inform us of your new date, the more likely it is that your original artist will not be rebooked by a different couple on that date. Your new event date must be booked within 1 year of your original event date.