How do I evaluate equipment?

When you compare DJ services side by side it seems as though each one boasts that they have the best sound and light equipment. Many companies go to great lengths to tell you why their equipment is better. Let’s pause for a second and consider this important question: What role does equipment play at your reception?


Well obviously, without equipment, you would not have the means to play the music or set the mood. However, the equipment by itself is of little value to you if there isn’t a trained individual operating the controls. Equipment is only one piece of the puzzle.


Since each DJ company makes its own choice concerning equipment, the next question you should ask yourself is: What influences their decisions? How do they decide between the myriad of lighting effects, amps, watts, and speakers? Bellagala takes a comprehensive approach that addresses two imperative issues: Quality and Space.


Quality: Does the sound and light system provide quality sound and proper lighting?


Space: Does the sound and light system limit its invasiveness? The equipment should not detract from your event site’s ambiance.


If you feel overwhelmed with the equipment issue, take a moment to put it into perspective. Thinking about it in these terms may be helpful:

When you go to a job interview, does an employer doesn't ask you about all the features of your car. The employer is thinking about the value you can bring to the company. It is assumed that you have a reliable method of transportation to get to work.


Just like getting to work is your responsibility, DJ equipment is ours. Professional and up-to-date equipment should be a necessity to be in business, not a key point of differentiation. Bellagala has a professional sound and light system that is right for you and your site.