How do I download my photos?

Download rights are included with wedding photography packages with Bellagala. In your gallery email, you’ll see the gallery link, as well as the text

 “Your personal login information is: __________

Use the following password to access your photos: _________

**password is case sensitive**”


You must use this login email and password to access download rights in the gallery.


 Guests can enter the gallery using their own email addresses and will only be able to view the images or order prints/downloads for purchase.


Galleries are best viewed in Google Chrome. Once you are logged into the gallery using your personal login info, you should see a “Download All” button on the top right of the gallery. 


Please click “Download All”


This will start generating a download link for you which will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours. Please keep a look-out in your spam folder for an email from 


Download link emails sometimes end up in spam since they’re coming directly from the gallery and not from Bellagala and your email may flag it.


If you don’t see that download link email for whatever reason, please reply to your gallery email to and she can help you! 


The download link is for a zip file containing all your gallery images. Remember to save some backup copies to be safe and you’re all set!