Do I need Event Insurance for my Van Dusen Event?

WedSafe Liability Insurance is required!

You will purchase Wedsafe Liability Insurance for your event.

You can purchase on The Wedsafe Website  


Upon purchasing, you will select the liability policy for up to $1,000,000 of coverage.

This policy does have a deductible - this should cost $185-190.  Please read additional info on the WedSafe website for more information or ask your Van Dusen site director. 


The Van Dusen Mansion does not accept liability policies through companies other than WedSafe. The policy is mandatory and rates are set and managed by WedSafe.


The policy will be applied to damage or loss caused by client or client’s guests. The Van Dusen Mansion can recover additional monies owed for damage caused if this amount exceeds the policy amount.