What are the Decor Restrictions?

All candles must be surrounded by glass (referred to as “no open flame”). We do not allow bubbles, rice, glitter or confetti. Rose petals may be used inside on the tables. For outdoor ceremonies, real rose petals may be used on the floor.

Our policies are in line with most venues.


Recommended Decor

We typically recommend assigned seating for your meal and each client must provide a place indication for their guests. We recommend an easy to read, tented cardstock place card with the guest name, table number, and meal indicator. These must be alphabetized by last name. Please separate out the head table from the place cards and include a map/drawing of the head table with wedding party names listed so they can be placed at the head table prior to dinner.

We also recommend using a place indicator board on an easel sorted by last name if you prefer that over individual place cards.

Most of our couples only bring a few items of decor. You are welcome to bring additional decor but generally this is what couples bring:

  • Card Box (Best if locked/sealed with a card slot) (We do provide a geometric glass card box as needed)
  • Guest Book/Canvas (With Pen/Sharpie)
  • Cake Topper 
  • Place Cards
  • Dinner Centerpieces (We can provide the vintage book centerpieces and gold candelabras if desired)


Set-Up/Tear Down Instructions: 

While the Van Dusen staff will assist with general set-up of your personal decor, it is the client’s responsibility to have a designated person to direct, set-up, and tear down all personal decor. Please ask your Van Dusen staff if you have additional questions concerning set-up/tear down.